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Eddie Bauer Targets Seven Million Tree Restoration Project for Earth Day
Posted on April 22, 2015

Towering old-growth stands in Cathedral Pines DNR lands in northern Wisconsin, one of the finest old growth pine-hemlock stands on the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. Photo: Elvis Kennedy

Today is Earth Day, and every Eddie Bauer purchase made in-store or online will add a dollar to the partnership with American Forests that has resulted in 6.5 million new trees planted in the last two decades. Last week we profiled the 18 Global ReLeaf projects we’ve decided to support for 2015. Monday, we tracked down Jami Westerhold, senior director of forest restoration programs for American Forests, for an extensive education on forest ecology, the impacts of wildfires, the Global ReLeaf program, and Eddie Bauer’s partnership. Today—on the holiday celebrating the founding of the modern environmental movement—we’re providing the official context from our CEO Mike Egeck on why Eddie Bauer has backed this cause for two decades and the conservation goals our brand has set for the future. —LYA Editor

Fading light in the northwoods of Superior National Forest, MN, which includes the one million-acre Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Photo: Sara Cady

Images courtesy of American Forests, Story by Molly McWhinnie

In celebration of Earth Day, Eddie Bauer is excited to announce, in association with American Forests, a goal of planting 500,000 trees in 2015. This initiative marks the 20th anniversary of Eddie Bauer’s “Add a Dollar, Plant a Tree” campaign with American Forests. The program to date has resulted in the planting of more than 6.5 million trees in over 150 unique ecosystems across the U.S. and Canada.

“As a brand born in the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest, conservation has been at the center of our mission. We are very proud of our 20-year partnership with American Forests,” states Mike Egeck, Chief Executive Officer for Eddie Bauer. “Because of the generosity of our customers, we have been able to plant in excess of 6.5 million trees so that future generations will be able to enjoy exploring the outdoors as much as we do today.”

Eddie Bauer’s 20-year partnership with American Forests is the most successful reforestation project by a retail business in the United States. The 6.5 million trees planted to date are estimated to be worth $110 million in improved air quality as a result of absorbing pollutants such as ozone and nitrogen oxides from the air, $16 million in sequestered carbon dioxide, and $20 million in improved water quality.

Eddie Bauer also collected $500,000 to help fund the “Memorial Groves” program that planted a tree in honor of every victim of 9/11, and helped fund the Mountains to Sound Greenway, which planted two million trees in the Seattle region.

“For 20 years, Eddie Bauer has been an indispensable collaborator in helping to build our Global ReLeaf program,” said Scott Steen, President and CEO of American Forests. “Together with their customers, they have planted millions of trees, restored thousands of acres of forestland and provided habitat for tens of thousands of animals. We are enormously grateful for their deep commitment to the environment and look forward to expanding our partnership in the years ahead.”

Eddie Bauer kicked off its 20th anniversary celebration with an Earth Week campaign starting April 17, and invites all customers to join the cause today. Customers can donate to American Forests directly through Eddie Bauer’s custom microsite, or “Add a Dollar, Plant a Tree” during checkout both online and in-store. To close out Earth Week, Eddie Bauer will plant a tree for every transaction made on April 21 and 22.

Striving for seven million by the end of 2015, Eddie Bauer's statistical record with American Forests

Global ReLeaf supports the restoration work that forests like the above geographic areas—and the communities that depend on them—need in order to thrive. Since 1990, American Forests has brought ReLeaf to forests in all 50 states and 45 countries, planting nearly 50 million trees in the process. Today, every Eddie Bauer purchase made in-store or online will add a tree to the reforestation efforts of the American Forests partnership. Learn more at’s philanthropic microsite

Author: - Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

  1. Terri Borgard

    It’s nice to know that Eddie Bauer is making efforts to restore forests around the world. After watching a documentary called “The True Cost,” I am very concerned with the impact the textile industry is making on humans and the environment in other countries with few protections in place. Can you tell me what Eddie Bauer is doing to address this issue? How do you make sure that you are treating employees and their communities with care, when there are no external safeguards in place? I have been a long time EB customer, but will no longer purchase anything that is not made in America, unless I can be assured of the ethics used in those distant countries.

  2. Eddie Bauer Social

    Hi Terri,
    Thank you for your comment. We appreciate your concern about the environmental and human cost of the textile industry. We will gather information to respond to your questions and will post here as soon as possible. Thanks again.

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