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Global Adventure: Ten Rapid-Fire Questions with Seth Waterfall
Posted on August 18, 2015

Sunrise shot from the highest point in Africa on Mt. Kilimanjaro. P: Jon Mancuso

August is officially Adventure Travel Month on the Live Your Adventure blog. It’s the time of year when we recount the most memorable journeys we’ve taken and envision the places we’ve always wanted to experience. To be honest, we’ve got a pretty long list, but no crew we know has visited more incredible remote locations than our Eddie Bauer guide and athlete team. So for perspective, inspiration, and a few travel tips, we reached out to our eight most worldly guides on a team where that tag is one serious air-mileage accomplishment. First up is Eddie Bauer guide, three-time Everest summiter, and Seahawks fan Seth Waterfall. —LYA Editor

Seth and Solveig Waterfall making camp on Mt. Waddington, BC. P: Jim Harris

Seth Waterfall

What is the most off-the-beaten-path destination you’ve ever visited?

‪In 2008, I visited a tiny village, Ushguli, in the country of Georgia. It’s a 13-hour car ride from Tbilisi and most of that is on 4×4 roads. We packed our skis and climbing gear into a UAZ-469 (think VW bus on steroids), with a few other local guys along for the ride. After an hour or so, they all started passing around large plastic bottles of beer about the size of a “40.” It was pretty crazy.

‪‪What is the oddest way you’ve gotten from point A to point B?

‪In Japan, I was traveling to Tokyo from the city of Oita, which is on Kyushu Island. To get to Tokyo, I took a hovercraft to the Oita airport, then caught a 747, which was all-coach, top and bottom. Then, from Haneda Airport in Tokyo, I took a monorail, then a surface train, a subway, and finally a taxi. I jumped on my bike that night, just to add that to the mix. If I’d had access to a horse, it would have rounded out all the possible forms of human transportation.

‪‪What is one item that you always pack on your journey?

‪I always pack a swimsuit, usually board shorts. You don’t want to be caught without them if a moment arises for taking a dip in a pool or hot tub. Plus, they work great for a run or any workout.

‪‪What is your perspective on travel, in 50 words or less?

‪You can out-chill any situation. It’s never a good idea to get stressed by travel delays. The ability to approach any hiccup in a plan with an open mind is a necessity in my profession.

‪‪If you could go anywhere for a 3-day adventure, where would it be?

‪The desert Southwest of the USA has everything you need for a full adventure in a three-day span. In all four seasons, there is something to do, and you can, mostly, count on the weather being sunny.


What is your number one rule as a traveler?

‪My number one rule as a traveler is to “hope for the best but plan for the worst.”

‪‪What is your best packing tip for short trips?

‪For short trips, going light is right, but bring a nice shirt.

‪‪Duffel, rolling bag, or backpack? Why?

‪I’m a duffel guy. I can pack for an expedition or a few nights in a hotel in the same bag.

‪‪What is your broader perspective on travel?

‪My perspective on travel is summed up perfectly by none other than Mark Twain. “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”

‪‪What is the most remote place you’ve escaped to in a short time window?

‪My wife and I were traveling to Southern California from Bishop, and we decided to run the Mt. Whitney Trail on a whim. We got a permit in the morning and had the rest of the day to kill. We decided to drive to Badwater Basin in Death Valley so that we could be at both the lowest and highest points in the contiguous 48 states in a 24-hour span.

Guide's rest upon return from an ascent of Mt. Vinson, Antartica. P: Jake Norton

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Author: - Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

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