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Chris Figenshau Fishing Report on Lockjaw Creek, Wyoming or Washington
Posted on August 22, 2015

The right setting for setting the hook.

At Eddie Bauer we know the importance of keeping a secret fishing spot, well, secret. So when Jackson-based photographer Chris Figenshau sent us these incredible images of “Lockjaw Creek” somewhere near his home base, we agreed to run the images without divulging the location or the directions. We know it is somewhere in Wyoming, maybe. —LYA Editor

Spot and got with a patient fishing hound somewhere near Nunya, Wyoming.

Words and Images by Chris Figenshau

Once in a very great while, if you are lucky, a friend of yours will blindfold you and take you to their ‘ secret spot’. Threats of bodily harm, public shame and blackmail will be thrust upon you should your jaw become unhinged. Because secret fishing spots are the most sacred of lands, it is not uncommon to be reminded incessantly of the doom that will result if the pact is broken. Your wife, your child and especially that ‘other’ fishing buddy of yours must not even have an inkling of your whereabouts on this day.

A good cover story will come in handy. Something like: “I’m going mountain biking with ‘X’ down near the Idaho border. I don’t think there will be very good cell reception and it looks like we’ll be pretty late getting back so don’t wait up.”

The payoff: a healthy fine spotted cutthroat amidst the splendor of the great wide open.

You don’t want anybody asking about details, so lie big and don’t even mention fishing.

When you see your other fishing friends they will ask you, as they always do, “Have you been fishing lately?” At this moment it is paramount that no smile or glimmer of fishing success comes to form your expression. Straight face them, eye to eye.  “Nope. All I do is work.”

Don’t tell ANYONE, but here are some photos from one of those places, near the Hoh River in Washington.

The anticipation of finding bigger fish around the next bend can take us far from home.

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Author: - Saturday, August 22nd, 2015

  1. Jim Figenshau

    Love the shots and the fisherman “philosophy”. Beautiful spot and suspect the photographer split time with his camera and a #5 weight.

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