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Global Adventure: Sixteen Rapid-Fire Questions with Caroline George
Posted on August 24, 2015

Caroline George ascending a rope out of a boat to get to the start of For The Members (5.11c) at the Thai-tanium Wall, Thailand. P: Jim Surette

At Eddie Bauer, August is equated with adventure travel. So to inspire and educate, we asked eight members of our guide and athlete team about their experiences, and for their expertise, when traveling to remote destinations in search of active missions, from climbing and kayaking to skiing. One of the most keen travelers in our ranks is Eddie Bauer guide Caroline George. We are constantly surprised and inspired by how many miles she logs—with a guiding business, a young daughter, and a second job as a professional translator. As you’d expect, her outlook is inspiring and her tips are gold. —LYA Editor

Caroline George buys lunch beach-side in Thailand.


What is the most off-the-beaten-path destination you’ve ever visited?

Probably crossing from the Todra valley to the Taghia valley on foot, with a mule, in Morocco. We saw some of the wildest sceneries around.

What is the oddest way you’ve gotten from point A to point B?

Riding a boat to the base of a climbing area in Thailand and jugging up some really rotten fixed lines to get to the first pitch of the climb. That was wild!

What is the most spontaneous trip or stopover you’ve ever taken?

I decided at 11 in the morning to fly to Bali, bought a ticket, and was on a plane that night at 6pm.

What is your best source for beta on a new destination?

Google and asking friends on Facebook.

Describe your best layover in 50 words or less.

The Singapore airport had an amazing gym. We arrived at 1am and I worked out for hours to get over the upcoming jet lag. It was amazing. Then we went and sampled all sorts of foods at the local stalls by the ocean, and rode a boat on beautiful water. Just a magical place that I often think back on. Hopefully, I get to stop over there again.

What was your best-ever, pre-planned, 72-hour adventure?

The first time Adam and I got to go climbing together for more than a day after Olivia was born. We went climbing in the Verdon Gorge, soaking in the beauty of the area, the food, and the time to ourselves. The best unplanned 40-hour adventure was going to the Dolomites to climb the north face of the Cima Grande, round-tripping it from Chamonix in under 40 hours, pumping milk the whole way there, on the climb, and driving back home.

What is the most remote place you’ve escaped to in a short time window?

Going to Bali in a 6-day roundtrip.

What is your best tip for finding great local food in a strange place?

Google or asking friends on Facebook. Amazing what people will come up with!

What is your best packing tip for short trips?

Leave your computer at home, so you can really be focused on what is going on around you and not on the Internet.

Three key pieces of clothing you pack for short trips?

Long black yoga pants, tank top, fleece.


What is one item that you always pack on your journey?

Green tea. A ton of it!

Duffel, rolling bag, or backpack? Why?

That really depends. Short trip: rolling bag. Need to carry a lot on a flight: duffel. But always a backpack. You can fit all your basic needs in there and it’s more versatile.

What is your perspective on travel in 50 words or less?

Travel is stepping out of your routine to get an outside perspective on your life. It’s a breath of fresh air in your busy life. It’s expanding your mind and soul to adapt to what is thrown at you (new culture, food, ways of living, habits, habitat, etc.).

What is your favorite place in the world to visit? One reason why?

Norway: the combination of mountains and sea is very soothing to me.

What is your number one rule as a traveler?

Eat local food, experiment with food.

If you could go anywhere for a 3-day adventure, where would it be?

Ski touring or ice climbing anywhere in Scandinavia. ;-)

Caroline George and Sarah Garlick share tea with Omar in a Bedouin tent, Jordan. P: Surette


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Author: - Monday, August 24th, 2015

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    Nice travellers, the Singapore experience where she workout at the Gym and then eat at the stalls by the Ocean must have been a awesome experience.

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