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Global Adventure: Sixteen Rapid-Fire Questions with Drew Tabke
Posted on August 26, 2015

Drew Tabke, approaching Mt. Baker in his home range.

If you’ve been paying attention to the Live Your Adventure blog, you know that August is Adventure Travel Month at Eddie Bauer. Our guide and athlete team has logged some travel miles, but no one on the roster has been more deeply immersed in a global ski migration than Eddie Bauer skier and two-time Freeride World Tour champ Drew Tabke. He’s road-tripped through the Alps with the Russians and through the Andes in a questionable camper van, but since our blog is rated PG-13, we didn’t ask him to elaborate on the secret Russian dance clubs or the Spanish phrases in graffiti script on that infamous camper van. But we did ask him for his best tips on travel. This is his response. —LYA Editor

Drew Tabke getting in deep at Revelstoke. P: Gunderson



What is the most off-the-beaten-path destination you’ve ever visited?

Flying in with a ski plane to camp and ski tour for a couple weeks on a glacier in Glacier Bay National Park. Or Vallecitos, Argentina, a tiny ski area near Mendoza at the end of a long dirt road, with a couple single chairlifts and a group of 20,000-foot peaks.

What is the oddest way you’ve gotten from point A to point B?

Hitchhiking with a Bolivian truck driver from the Chile-Bolivia border on the Altiplano. But I’ve hitchhiked so much in South America, it’s not even weird. I flew first class once—now that was weird.

What is the most spontaneous trip or stopover you’ve ever taken?

Corsica this winter, after the FWT event in Switzerland.

What is your best source for beta on a new destination?


Describe your best layover in 50 words or less.

An unexpected night in Moscow with a Russian friend: going to Red Square and secret clubs in the middle of the night before continuing on to Sochi.

The contrarian. P: Scott Rinckenberger


What was your best-ever, pre-planned, 72-hour adventure?

Skiing three Chilean volcanoes—Llaima, Villarica, and Lanin—in three days over Chile’s national holiday weekend, September 18.

What is the most remote place you’ve escaped to in a short time window?

Washington’s North Cascades, with Wyoming’s Wind River Mountains a close second.

What is your best tip for finding great local food in a strange place?

Ask a couple locals for advice to get you started, then walk around till you see a place full of locals, with delicious smells coming out of the door. Also, unlike the States, in other countries a set “menu of the day” is served during certain hours only, so get on the local schedule instead of trying to get what you want when you want it.

What is your best packing tip for short trips?

Avoid short trips. Ha ha. But I like to plan ahead in the preceding week as much as possible, so you can maximize every minute of your weekend for having fun instead of packing/planning/traveling.

Three key pieces of clothing you pack for short trips?

Guide Pro Pants, MicroTherm StormDown Jacket, Guide Short-Sleeve Shirt.

Summit shot on Mt. Baker. P: Scott Rinckenberger


What is one item that you always pack on your journey?

Portable Bluetooth speaker to the summit!

Duffel, rolling bag, or backpack? Why?

All three, unfortunately. Skiing is a heavy sport, and I like to have as much gear with me as possible to keep all my adventure options open. Rolling for the skis, duffel for the clothes because you can pack it when not needed, and two sizes of backpacks—one for city/fast light trips, one big enough to overnight with.

What is your perspective on travel in 50 words or less?

Travel is a pathway to an excellent education, both about the world and oneself.

What is your favorite place in the world to visit? One reason why?

Chile. 2,670 miles of mountains and coastline sounds like heaven to me.

What is your number one rule as a traveler?

Respect the locals.

If you could go anywhere for a 3-day adventure, where would it be?

Mount Rainier National Park, baby!

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Author: - Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

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