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Celebrating Yellowstone National Park with Chris Figenshau
Posted on March 1, 2016


Fishing Yellowstone

In celebration of today’s anniversary of Yellowstone’s designation as America’s first national park, we asked Wyoming photographer Chris Figenshau to collect his thoughts on the National Park and world-class fishing ground that lies just north of his hometown. We asked specifically for him to give us the lowdown on the best time to visit, divulge the best place to find hungry fish and curate a gallery of images that encapsulated what makes this place so spectacular from a flyfishing standpoint. He delivered on two of our three requests. This is his report. —LYA Editor

Fishing Yellowstone

My favorite time to visit Yellowstone is in the spring and fall, when snow and mud keep many would-be adventurers home. These are the times of the year when animals are on the move, and the fish are hungry. Having the place to yourself isn’t usually too tall of an order if you are willing to walk for an hour or so. Finding a nice stretch of water that hasn’t received another angler’s cast is not uncommon.

Overhead perspective


A sturdy pair of waders and some extra layers can turn even the most miserable looking weather into a day of quiet contemplation amidst the backdrop of America’s oldest National Park.  As long as the wind is reasonably calm, fly-fishing for trout in Yellowstone has become my go-to down-day fall and spring activity.  Maybe I should be doing laundry, or my taxes, on these days, but when the weather is dreadful, the fishing can be great.

Net Game


In the end, the fishing is really just an excellent excuse to merely stand still and be a guest of the wild. The visceral experience of catching, and releasing, a colorful Yellowstone trout is a welcome bonus too.  Fourteen rivers run through Yellowstone Park including the Yellowstone River, which is the longest undammed river in the contiguous United States. I have yet to fish even half of them, so it looks like I’ll be sticking around for a while.

Fishing Yellowstone

View more of Chris Figenshau’s work and read his local Wyoming flyfishing report on Lockjaw Creek at

Author: - Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

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