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Insider’s Guide to Joshua Tree with Mason Earle Episode Three
Posted on July 1, 2016

For the past two weeks we’ve been recounting the tales of our climbing team’s trip to Joshua Tree, including a deep, soulful reflection from Katie Lambert and the third season of the Insider’s Guide with spirit guide Mason Earle. Today is the gripping conclusion of the video series, where Earle takes in a few of the oddities of Joshua Tree, from the Noah Purifoy museum and a drum wash from a medicine woman to an organic coffee roaster who brews one mean cup of joe. —LYA Editor

Mason Earle, casual noontime bouldering on The Wedge.

Edit by Karl Archer, Camera by Owen Bissell, Photos by Gabe Rogel

Series Description:

Eddie Bauer climber Mason Earle is at home in the cosmic climbing vortex of Joshua Tree. With more than 9,000 known and slightly sandbagged routes on its characteristic monzogranite rock, a storied Stonemaster legacy of climbing lore, and an environment that is a mosaic of miniature worlds, it’s a dry rock location that has drawn climbers on seasonal pilgrimages for decades. Earle migrated south last fall with climbers Ben Ditto and Katie Lambert to tackle aesthetic boulder problems, classic trad routes and some sporty sport climbing—but he also dove deep into the distinct culture of the area to understand what makes the place so original, so unusual and so compelling. In our third season of the Insider’s Guide, Mason Earle gives us the local tour.

Desert solitaire in J Tree.

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Author: - Friday, July 1st, 2016

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