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Meet Sport Shop Fishing Guide Andrew Bennett
Posted on March 25, 2014

With Eddie Bauer’s official return to fishing this month, we’ve decided to provide a little more background on the three fishing guides who dialed in the product development of the new Sport Shop fishing line. The first in our series is Eddie Bauer guide and Deneki founder Andrew Bennett.—LYA Editor

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Drew Tabke Inspects the Burly Bec at the Xtreme Verbier
Posted on March 22, 2014

Yet another view of the ever-present Bec, this time from the top of Mont Gele.

Eddie Bauer skier Drew Tabke is on deck to compete in the Xtreme Verbier, Freeride World Tour finals starting potentially this Sunday, depending on the weather and slope conditions during the nine-day competition window. His status as defending world champ earned him a well-deserved wild card into the grand finals of freeride, and he checked in today after inspecting the burly and mythical Bec des Rosses venue. This is his on-location report after staring down the face.

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Andrew Bennett Reports on Fishing with a Guide
Posted on March 17, 2014

Fishing with a Guide-1

Andrew Bennett knows the importance of fishing with a guide. Yes, he is the founder of Deneki Outdoors with destination lodges in Alaska, Andros and B.C. Yes, he has a past history in business. Yes, he is a prolific fishing writer. But his primary focus in life is getting clients out on the water. So he might be a little bit biased, but when we asked him to give us an education on all things fishing for the launch of our Sport Shop fishing line, he had a few things to say about guiding. One topic near and dear to his heart is the importance of fishing with a guide, even for experienced anglers.

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Eddie Bauer Returns to Fishing
Posted on March 15, 2014

When Eddie Bauer made the call to return to fishing, it was a return to the roots of our brand. Eddie Bauer’s first Sport Shop in downtown Seattle focused on hunting and fishing and his passion for the pursuits was so strong that he would close his shop for weeks at a time each fall to disappear to the rivers, lakes and coastal waters within his home state. His time in the field influenced the products he trusted, the gear he sold and the clothing he put his name on.

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Caroline George Revisits Family Climbing History in Picos de Europa
Posted on March 13, 2014


Back in January, we ran Katie Lambert’s report on climbing the Murciana 78 route (7c+) on the Naranjo de Bulnes West Face in Picos de Europa with Caroline George. It was the same face Caroline’s parents climbed via the Rabada-Navarro (6c+) route in 1971 when her brother was only four months old, which was the first female and first foreign ascent of what is known as an Iberic Eiger. In the process of last fall’s ascent, Lambert climbed the entire 550m Murciana 78 route free with no falls, putting up the first successful American—man or woman—free climb of the route. We were so transfixed by the pioneering then-and-now stories that we asked Caroline to provide her own perspective on revisiting her family’s climbing history.

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Drew Tabke Spends His Winter Break on Hokkaido
Posted on March 9, 2014

A local young skier at Kamui Ski Links. Most people in ski lessons wear these bibs, and many resorts require skiers to register and wear bright orange bibs when skiing off of the groomed runs.

Drew Tabke has logged some significant air miles this season. From the Swatch Skiers Cup to the Freeride World Tour stops in Italy, France, and Austria, he’s made a few spectacular stops on the international pro tour. So when the freeride comps took a break for that other international competition last month, you’d think he would have been content to hang out at home in Seattle and catch up on cable. But a Japan trip is hard to turn down and Tabke jumped a plane to spend his mid-season break slaying pow at the small resorts on the island of Hokkaido.

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Ben Stookesberry Joins the Nepal Kayak Club for Second Descents of the Seti and the Madi in the Annapurna Range
Posted on March 7, 2014


Surjan, Super Steep, on the Madi

For an expedition crew that has seen some of the most remote places on the planet, picking the next great river to run is always an exercise that balances creativity, vision and, well, a little insanity. So when Chris Korbulic, Ben Stookesberry and  Pedro Oliva decided to link up with the “Nepal Kayak Club” to run two second descents, of the Seti and the Madi, deep in the Annapurna Range—and the first on the Seti since an avalanche outburst flood ripped the river apart—we figured the story would be epic. It is. It’s a tale of avalanche-ravaged high-altitude rivers, hydroelectric projects and a few committed Nepali kayakers who have resolved to run some of the biggest mountain rivers on earth.

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