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Jeremiah Watt Picks a Rocktober Gallery from City of Rocks
Posted on October 30, 2015

Sunrise in the City.

Jeremiah Watt has captured a solid stack of iconic images from the heart of climbing culture for editorial outlets and core, outdoor brands. Each time he signs on for one of our trips we are both very honored and super keen to see what shots land back at headquarters. On our latest mission we sent Watt on a family climbing trip to a zone that is one of his all-time favorites—City of Rocks, Idaho—with guides Erik Leidecker, David Morton and Jake Norton. We encouraged them all to bring their climbing families. Then we asked Watt to pick out a few of his favorites that captured the essence of the place and the trip. We were not disappointed. 

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Inside Lines: Lynsey Dyer in Jackson Hole, Episode Three
Posted on October 29, 2015

Two weeks back we published the first episode of Inside Lines, visiting the world-class ski destination of Jackson Hole through the hometown eyes of Eddie Bauer skier Lynsey Dyer. We landed in the middle of Jackson’s best storm of last season, but in addition to experiencing the deep powder cycle we were shown a different side of America’s most iconic mountain town. In the third and final episode of the series, Lynsey shows us the artistic heart of the community at the Art Lab and Asymbol Gallery, a gathering place for the community at the Pink Garter Theatre where her Pretty Faces flick premiered and an elevated apres stop at The Rose, where classic cocktails are treated as art. Then she sums up what makes her hometown such a special place. It goes without saying that we owe her a giant thank you for giving us this window on her world. 

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Erik Leidecker Revisits City of Rocks
Posted on October 26, 2015

Morning Glory Spire (the Incisor) and the Anteater (right). Climbers are nearing the summit of Morning Glory via Skyline (5.8).

Idaho’s City of Rocks has long been known as one of the world’s best sport climbing destinations. In the ’90s it drew elite climbers at the edge of the sport, but when the pros migrated elsewhere in search of limestone, “the City” retained its pull for climbers hitting the road in search of a solid trip, with stunning routes and cragside camping. No stranger to fall trips to the City, Eddie Bauer guide and Idaho resident Erik Leidecker rendezvoused at the City with fellow teammates David Morton and Jake Norton, both to revisit the classic routes and to introduce their families to the classic experience of climbing in this world-class, family-friendly venue.

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Ed Viesturs Joins Erik Leidecker on Idaho’s Borah Peak
Posted on October 23, 2015

Class 3 scrambling with the rope on the beginning of Chicken Out Ridge.

As co-owner and co-operator of Sawtooth Mountain Guides, Erik Leidecker has guided the milk run up 12,662-foot Borah Peak countless times. But guiding the infamous ridge up the famous peak in the Lost River Mountains with his Eddie Bauer teammate Ed Viesturs forced him to examine the approach and potential consequences a little bit differently. Getting to the summit is optional; getting down is mandatory, even on the local backyard high point.

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Inside Lines: Lynsey Dyer in Jackson Hole, Episode Two
Posted on October 22, 2015

We were overwhelmed by the positive response that episode one of our Inside Lines series with Lynsey Dyer showing us around her hometown of Jackson, WY, generated. But then again, getting the local tour of the hill, the nightlife and the culture of such an incredible ski-town destination is a perspective you don’t often see from a travel channel webisdoe or an adrenaline-driven ski edit. In episode two of Inside Lines: Jackson, Lynsey shows us to her favorite coffee shop, her favorite Thai restaurant, the local watering hole Snake River Brewing and up to Teton Pass, although she won’t share her favorite lines with us. We forgive her for that, that knowledge is sacred.

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From the Archives: Pete Schoening and The Belay
Posted on October 21, 2015

The 1953 team on the Eddie Bauer outfitted Third American Karakoram Expedition

Our archives at Eddie Bauer run deep with stories of pioneering adventure and serious expedition climbing, but no story resonates more powerfully than that of “The Belay.” A legendary save in mountaineering lore, the story of Pete Schoening’s self-arrest with a hickory-handled ice axe to save his team on the Eddie Bauer-outfitted Third American Karakoram Expedition and its 1953 attempt at the first ascent of K2 is a gripping story from the Golden Age of Himalayan Mountaineering. We asked Colin Berg, our brand historian, to recount the tale for our throwback mountaineering history lesson this week and once again we were mesmerized by the tale.

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Ten Life and Near-Death Adventures of Eddie Bauer
Posted on October 19, 2015

Eddie Bauer, the shopkeeper, at his original Seneca Street store.

Our founder’s life and experiences sound like urban legends but reality is way more interesting. On his birthday we take a look back at the man behind our brand.


Eddie Bauer was first, last, and always an outdoorsman. The products he made, and the company he built, were grounded in the adventure-driven innovation that sprang from his personal experience in the wilderness backcountry of the Pacific Northwest.

His unconditional lifetime guarantee on everything he sold came from his understanding, as an outfitter, that “There can be no compromise of quality when lives depend on performance.” A life spent with adventure can inspire both myth and legend. Here are ten historical facts about Eddie’s life that help create a picture of the real man.

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