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Drew Tabke Poised to Drop In for the Haines, Alaska Freeride World Tour
Posted on March 15, 2016

Haines townsite photo: David Carlier

Eddie Bauer skier and two-time world champ Drew Tabke is poised to drop in on the biggest venue in freeriding this week as the Freeride World Tour heads north to Haines, Alaska. Tabke notched a fifth-place finish last season in Haines and is charged up to break through again for 2016 on the massive stacked spines of the legendary venue. The competition weather window starts this Thursday, but it’s Alaska and the exact date of the comp is always a crapshoot due to the shifting weather and uncertain avalanche stability. We will be posting updates on the Live Your Adventure blog and a link to the live feed in our channels—but for the latest, up-to-the-minute updates visit

Photos courtesy of Freeride World Tour/David Carlier

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Gabe Rogel Gallery from Joshua Tree
Posted on March 14, 2016

Mason Earle first personal send on Streetcar Named Desire (V6) in Joshua Tree

Last fall, Eddie Bauer climbers Ben Ditto, Katie Lambert and Mason Earle migrated south to the iconic climbing destination of Joshua Tree. For decades climbers have road tripped south to this shoulder-season vortex in the high California desert, finding classic sandbagged testpieces, aesthetic boulder problems and a lifetime of weathered, granite climbing routes—many of which were pioneered during the Stonemaster era. Spending a week in an otherworldly location steeped in climbing lore, the crew experienced the stiff grades of classic routes, the harsh hot-and-cold desert environment and the distinct-but-strange culture of the towns that surround the park. And, of course, there was the iconic vegetation that gives the place its name. The stories the team discovered ran deep and it would be hard to tell the tale in a few words. So, next month, we will release a video series and a succession of personal trip reports about the J Tree mission, but today, as a preview, we’re providing a handpicked Gabe Rogel gallery of images from their time  to whet the appetite for more. 

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Trevor Frost Reflects on his Adventure Life
Posted on March 11, 2016

 When I first started traveling I always had a camera. Photography , even then, was very important to me as I love sharing travel as much as I love the travel itself. Here I'm showing photos to young Rwandans on a hike in the highlands.

From the outside, it seems as if Eddie Bauer guide and Nat Geo photographer Trevor Frost leads a charmed life. He travels the globe, takes stunning images, and returns home with incredible stories to tell. But living the adventure life requires sacrifice and compromise. In the latest between-trip dispatch, Frost reflects on whether his travels and his winding path have been worth the opportunity cost of a more normal existence.

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Celebrating Mount Rainer National Park with Scott Rinckenberger
Posted on March 2, 2016


Of all the National Parks, few have as much personal meaning to us as Mt. Rainier, which looms above our Seattle-area headquarters. Today is the birthday of our local National Park, which was founded on this date back in 1899. To celebrate we asked local photographer Scott Rinckenberger—who has spent more time on this 14,000-footer than most folks we know—for his words and thoughts on the mountain that gives the park its name and gives us a daily visual reminder that the mountains are at our doorstep.

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Celebrating Yellowstone National Park with Chris Figenshau
Posted on March 1, 2016


Fishing Yellowstone

In celebration of today’s anniversary of Yellowstone’s designation as America’s first national park, we asked Wyoming photographer Chris Figenshau to collect his thoughts on the National Park and world-class fishing ground that lies just north of his hometown. We asked specifically for him to give us the lowdown on the best time to visit, divulge the best place to find hungry fish and curate a gallery of images that encapsulated what makes this place so spectacular from a flyfishing standpoint. He delivered on two of our three requests. This is his report.

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Celebrating Grand Canyon National Parks Designation with Jim Harris
Posted on February 26, 2016

The grand vista of our 15th National Park

On this day in 1919, the Grand Canyon was officially designated as our nation’s 15th National Park. To celebrate, we asked photographer, friend and writer Jim Harris to share his perspective on the Grand Canyon, along with some incredible imagery from a three-week float trip down a Colorado River a few years back. Harris is a natural storyteller—both with words and images—and his perspective on the place sheds light on what makes one of our most treasured national parks worthy of celebration in this milestone year.

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Caroline George Celebrates Adventure and Family in Namibia
Posted on February 25, 2016

Hamock in Spitzkoppe

Our guides have logged some air miles, but few of them have a greater connection to global travel as Eddie Bauer and IFMGA guide Caroline George. From Jordan to Thailand, George has continually set out with an active plan and returned with a good story. For her and her family, travel is both part of the profession and a lifestyle ingrained from her upbringing. As we launch into our adventure travel month, we asked George to sum up her recent experience—full family in tow—in Namibia for her mother’s 70th birthday. It wasn’t your average family camping trip.

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