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Ben Stookesberry Joins the Nepal Kayak Club for Second Descents of the Seti and the Madi in the Annapurna Range
Posted on March 7, 2014


Surjan, Super Steep, on the Madi

For an expedition crew that has seen some of the most remote places on the planet, picking the next great river to run is always an exercise that balances creativity, vision and, well, a little insanity. So when Chris Korbulic, Ben Stookesberry and  Pedro Oliva decided to link up with the “Nepal Kayak Club” to run two second descents, of the Seti and the Madi, deep in the Annapurna Range—and the first on the Seti since an avalanche outburst flood ripped the river apart—we figured the story would be epic. It is. It’s a tale of avalanche-ravaged high-altitude rivers, hydroelectric projects and a few committed Nepali kayakers who have resolved to run some of the biggest mountain rivers on earth.

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Kyle Miller Shreds His Way Through the Big Mountain States
Posted on March 5, 2014


When snow drought lingered in the Pacific Northwest, Kyle Miller hit the road. First he headed to Revelstoke, where he slayed Forever Young and attended the Canuck Splitfest. Then our favorite splitboard vagabond pointed it south to the Outdoor Retailer trade show, where he stocked up on free Clif Bars, free lunches, and industry handshakes. But before the show was complete, he and photographer Jason Hummel pointed it north again, rolling through Jackson Hole, Montana, and Sun Valley on a two-week touring whirlwind through the biggest mountains of the American West.

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Gear Report: Flexion Technology
Posted on March 4, 2014

During the last decade soft shell fabrics took the outdoor world by storm with their trademark blend of flexibility, breathability and versatility. But the technical designers and fabric specialists in our ranks realized those properties were also ideal for the daily demands of trekking and traveling. So they adapted Flexion—our proprietary stretch woven fabric—for use in our new Travex® collection of adventure travel gear. The official tagline is “Active Stretch for All-Day Performance.” But for the full breakdown on Flexion, we once again cornered Eddie Bauer DVP of technical product, Andrew Turner, to explain the performance benefits of our new proprietary soft shell fabric in 60 seconds or less.

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Melissa Arnot Finds A Different Form of Adventure in the Canary Islands
Posted on March 3, 2014

This past fall, our Eddie Bauer guides and athletes journeyed to the Canary Islands off the Atlantic coast of North Africa for our Spring photo shoot. In this adventure travel destination, they put our new Travex® gear and active fabric technologies to the test in the varied microclimates of these spectacular islands. Eddie Bauer guide Melissa Arnot is acclimated to climbing and guiding on the world’s tallest peaks—from Everest and Rainier to Kilimanjaro—but she found a different type of adventure experience exploring Santa Cruz, La Laguna, and the volcanic peak of Mount Teide on Tenerife.

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Kyle Miller Races Back to Rope Tow Roots at Meany Lodge
Posted on February 28, 2014

It’s been a few weeks since we bumped into Kyle Miller and Jason Hummel at the Outdoor Retailer trade show. But while the snow was sparse in the Pacific Northwest, Kyle and Hummel went on the road. The touring supergroup road-tripped to Jackson Hole and to Montana and Idaho before landing back in the PNW for an epic throwback race from Snoqualmie Pass to Meany Lodge, one of the original ski areas in Washington State that dates to the pre-highway, Stampede Pass train tunnel days.

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Gear Report: Travex Defined
Posted on February 25, 2014

As we move into adventure travel season, our Eddie Bauer Travex® line has moved to the forefront of our product selection. But what is Travex®? The short answer is that it’s our exclusive line of gear made for trek and travel that our adventure guide team has built and tested in locations around the globe from Nepal and Papua New Guinea to Kilimanjaro and the Canary Islands. For the complete definition, we tracked down Eddie Bauer DVP of technical product, Andrew Turner, for his high-level breakdown.

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Pacific Alpine Guides Head North for Inversion at Rogers Pass
Posted on February 17, 2014

Shadows above the Tree Triangle

Snow is not often scarce in January in the Pacific Northwest. But this winter has been a bit thin in our home state, which has forced many in the Washington backcountry crowd to migrate north to the interior of British Columbia for the big peaks and deeper snowpacks of the Rogers Pass zones. Earlier this14 week we ran a story about Kyle Miller’s mission up the Asulkan to shred Forever Young and the Seven Steps to Paradise, but Tyler Reid and our friends at Pacific Alpine Guides also headed north to the same trailhead last month to complete the Lily Traverse through the Sapphire Col into the neighboring zone.

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