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Global Adventure: Sixteen Rapid-Fire Questions with Caroline George
Posted on August 24, 2015

Caroline George ascending a rope out of a boat to get to the start of For The Members (5.11c) at the Thai-tanium Wall, Thailand. P: Jim Surette

At Eddie Bauer, August is equated with adventure travel. So to inspire and educate, we asked eight members of our guide and athlete team about their experiences, and for their expertise, when traveling to remote destinations in search of active missions, from climbing and kayaking to skiing. One of the most keen travelers in our ranks is Eddie Bauer guide Caroline George. We are constantly surprised and inspired by how many miles she logs—with a guiding business, a young daughter, and a second job as a professional translator. As you’d expect, her outlook is inspiring and her tips are gold.

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Caroline George Climbs Above the Norwegian Sea in Lofoten
Posted on August 23, 2015

Yoga on the summit of the Goat, Svolvaer in the distance, Lofoten, Norway

Caroline George has developed a relationship with Scandanavia. Between ice climbing missions, ski touring trips and climbing sagas, she’s become a bit of a superfan of a region known for its stark topography, wilderness ethic, stunning fjords and Viking heritage. Her latest trip resulted in spectacular images of towering big wall climbs near the Arctic Circle above the Lofoten archipelago in Norway’s extreme north, so we couldn’t help but share the visual inspiration. It is a classic example of the wild beauty that has made Caroline such a fan.

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Chris Figenshau Fishing Report on Lockjaw Creek, Wyoming or Washington
Posted on August 22, 2015

The right setting for setting the hook.

At Eddie Bauer we know the importance of keeping a secret fishing spot, well, secret. So when Jackson-based photographer Chris Figenshau sent us these incredible images of “Lockjaw Creek” somewhere near his home base, we agreed to run the images without divulging the location or the directions. We know it is somewhere in Wyoming, maybe.

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Global Adventure: Sixteen Rapid-Fire Questions with Trevor Frost
Posted on August 21, 2015

Small fish, big pond. T. Frost testing the global utility of the Guide Shirt.

Trevor Frost is the epitome of a modern adventurer. He represents everything we envision when the term “adventure travel” comes to mind—remote wilderness locations, National Geographic imagery, and a vibe of Crocodile Dundee swagger meets new-age global citizen. He also has a house full of archived mementos from his global explorations and a few stories about importing crocodile skulls. So that’s cool. That combination of character and experience made him our go-to guide for Adventure Travel Month on the Live Your Adventure blog. He shares his packing and traveling wisdom in the interview below.

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Global Adventure: Sixteen Rapid-Fire Questions with Kent McBride
Posted on August 20, 2015

Kent McBride putting the proto product to the test at the guide's meeting in Lake Tahoe, CA. P: Harris

Kent McBride has skied and climbed in a long list of countries around the globe, including France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Canada, Mexico, China, Tibet, Nepal, Sweden, Norway, Morocco, New Zealand, and, although technically not a country, Antarctica. He has also led heli-ski trips in Greenland. As you would expect, he has a little experience with long plane flights, customs clearances and foreign cultures. For Adventure Travel Month on the Live Your Adventure blog, we asked him for a few stories and travel tips from his journeys. In classically efficient McBride form, this is what he had to say.

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Global Adventure: Sixteen Rapid-Fire Questions with Chris Korbulic
Posted on August 19, 2015

Korbulic making the long portage to the first descent of the Nachvak River in Labrador. P: Ben Marr

August is the month we celebrate adventure travel at Eddie Bauer. Over the next few weeks, we’re checking in with the eight most worldly members of our guide team for some perspective, inspiration, and travel tips based on their global wanderings and active exploration. To kick off the campaign, we profiled Seth Waterfall, but today the featured interview is with Chris Korbulic, who has been around the globe more than a few times on pioneering kayak expeditions from Brazil to Bhutan, the only country where he is no longer welcome. He was recently named one of “The 50 Most Adventurous Men” by Men’s Journal. So we figured he might know a thing or two about the process of journeying to the ends of the earth. This is his perspective on global travel, overnight layovers, and the importance of dental hygiene, from Australia to Zimbabwe.

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Global Adventure: Ten Rapid-Fire Questions with Seth Waterfall
Posted on August 18, 2015

Sunrise shot from the highest point in Africa on Mt. Kilimanjaro. P: Jon Mancuso

August is officially Adventure Travel Month on the Live Your Adventure blog. It’s the time of year when we recount the most memorable journeys we’ve taken and envision the places we’ve always wanted to experience. To be honest, we’ve got a pretty long list, but no crew we know has visited more incredible remote locations than our Eddie Bauer guide and athlete team. So for perspective, inspiration, and a few travel tips, we reached out to our eight most worldly guides on a team where that tag is one serious air-mileage accomplishment. First up is Eddie Bauer guide, three-time Everest summiter, and Seahawks fan Seth Waterfall.

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