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Coordinates: The Contrasting Textures of New Year’s in Japan
Posted on April 25, 2016

New Year's In Japan.

That afternoon we’d come out of the Shinjuku subway station spinning slightly, disoriented from a day of van-to-bus-to-plane-to-train travel and the multicolored knot of the Tokyo subway map. We’d spent the past few weeks on the idyllic north island of Hokkaido, where we’d settled into an ultra-peaceful rhythm of quiet days in the mountains and nightly soaks in backcountry onsens. The brightest lights we’d seen had been at the convenience store, where we stocked up on 100-yen rice balls. But it was December 31, we were headed back to the States in a few days, and we felt like there was a lot of the country we hadn’t seen. So, backpacks stuffed with puffies and not-exactly-clean long underwear, we switched modes and headed to Tokyo to see what New Year’s Eve looked like there.

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Ryan Reynolds Interview – Conservation for the Future
Posted on April 22, 2016

Today is Earth Day, a very special day for us at Eddie Bauer headquarters. To celebrate our reverence for the birthday of the modern environmental movement we’ve been highlighting our primary conservation partnership with American Forests and exploring the environmental motivation behind our philanthropic ambassador Ryan Reynolds.

As the final installment in our Earth Week interview series with the actor and activist, Reynolds explains why spending time in the outdoors is so important and what it means to him personally. He also explains why he strives to help conserve the wild, natural places of our environment for his children.

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Ryan Reynolds Interview– Preserving Forest Ecosystems
Posted on April 21, 2016

As our celebration of Earth Week continues with a focus on our conservation partnership with American Forests, we’re thinking about the transformative experiences we’ve had in the forests and mountains of our wild, natural environment. First hikes, first climbs, first backpack or camping trips—this act of opening our eyes to the importance of wilderness has made many of us both lifelong fans and lifelong guardians of our wild spaces.

Our philanthropic ambassador, Ryan Reynolds is no different, and in the second installment in our Earth Week interview series, he explains what first introduced him to the power of the woods and why he feels a duty to preserve and protect our great forests.

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Ryan Reynolds Interview– The Outdoors is a Playground
Posted on April 20, 2016

As our celebration of Earth Week continues, we tracked down actor, activist and Eddie Bauer philanthropic ambassador Ryan Reynolds for a deeper understanding of why conservation and reforestation struck a personal chord with him. Reynolds spent a transformative outdoor education semester in the woods when he was young and this experience ingrained in him a lifelong love of the forests, rivers and mountains. When he sought out the right personal fit for a conservation cause and an outdoor brand, he picked Eddie Bauer and our 20-year-partnership with American Forests. In the video above Reynolds explains his perspective on the outdoors and his viewpoint on conservation.

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Eddie Bauer and American Forests Celebrate One Tree Initiative for Earth Week
Posted on April 19, 2016

Today, in celebration of Earth Week, we are focusing on our conservation partnership with American Forests through a weeklong fundraising drive we’ve called the One Tree Initiative. During Earth Week, Eddie Bauer will be matching donations under The One Tree Initiative, giving one tree for every dollar raised up to 75,000 trees. Back in November 2015, Eddie Bauer announced actor and activist Ryan Reynolds as its philanthropic ambassador and we’ve tapped him to explain the conservation-minded program in the video above. Watch, learn and donate.

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Dave Hahn’s Insider’s Guide to Taos, New Mexico: Episode One
Posted on April 15, 2016

Taos, New Mexico is powerful vortex between the high desert and the Sangre de Cristo mountains that has become home for wave after wave of artists, hippies, mountain men and, of course, skiers. A few famous folks have found their way to this magical location, from Georgia O’Keeffe to Dennis Hopper. Drawn by the stunning landscape, the legendary light and a welcoming feel that has integrated culture after subculture into its diverse milieu of influences. For Eddie Bauer guide and 15-time Everest summitter Dave Hahn, the skiing provided the initial draw, but it was the mellow, welcoming vibe and the high-elevation location that turned Taos into his home.

Camera by Jon Mancuso, Edit by Karl Archer

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American Forests Conservation Spotlight: Spruce Beetle Epidemic in Colorado
Posted on April 15, 2016

Uncompahgre National Forest covers 955,229 acres and is a popular recreation destination. Photo: Indabelle

Earth Day is one of our favorite holidays. The celebration of the birthday of the modern conservation movement reminds us how important the mountains, rivers, lakes and streams are to our life and to our industry. The wild lands of our environment provide our playgrounds, our inspiration, our refuge and form the basis for our entire outdoor industry. Without these places, we’d be a bit lost.

But this holiday also reminds us to give back, both personally and as a brand. In honor of Earth Day next Friday, we are featuring another of the 2016 reforestation projects backed and funded by our longstanding 20-year-plus partnership with American Forests. Later this week we will dive into the conservation motivation of our philanthropic ambassador Ryan Reynolds in a three-part interview series, who sees the woods the same way we do—as a refuge and a reset.

But for today, our specific focus  is on the Spruce Beetle Restoration Project in Colorado, an epidemic that we explored in our interview with Jami Westerhold of American Forests last year. It’s a much-needed reforestation effort to combat a modern ecological crisis in the mountains of the American West. Our forests in could use the awareness and the support. We owe it to them.

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