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Eddie Bauer Backs Forest Conservation for Endangered Species
Posted on April 19, 2015

The Northern Lights from the wilderness of Labrador during the Destination Torngat mission. Photo: Ben Marr

If you haven’t heard, Earth Day is approaching. And while our past week of Live Your Adventure posts has told an educational and informative tale on the importance of forest conservation and restoration—viewed through the lens of our partnership with American Forests—Sunday should be a day of rest or recreation. So if you are headed out or just back from a day of enjoying the public lands and diverse habitats American Forests is working to protect and enjoy take a moment to simply enjoy the visual overview of what American Forests does for all of us who gain so much from our time in the outdoors. Enjoy. —LYA Editor

Eddie Bauer and American Forests Celebrate Twenty Years and 6.5 Million Trees from Eddie Bauer on Vimeo.

Footage courtesy of American Forests, Edit by Karl Archer

Eddie Bauer kicked off its 20th-anniversary celebration of partnership with American Forests with an Earth Week campaign, starting April 17and running through April 22. Customers can donate to American Forests directly through Eddie Bauer’s philanthropic microsite, or “Add a Dollar, Plant a Tree” during checkout both online and in-store. To close out Earth Week, Eddie Bauer will plant a tree for every transaction made on April 21 and 22.

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Eddie Bauer Partners for Habitat Restoration in Washington’s Methow Valley, Oregon’s Deschutes National Forest
Posted on April 18, 2015

Andrew Bennett hooks into a native Steelhead on the Methow River. Photo: Jeremiah Watt


Last year, the Carlton Complex wildfire in Washington’s Methow Valley hit very close to home. The frightening conflagration, Washington’s largest recorded wildfire and a tragedy that impacted many residents of Eddie Bauer’s home state, resulted in relief efforts that our brand backed through the American Red Cross. The aftermath left hundreds of thousands of acres charred in an idyllic mountain area that many of us from Eddie Bauer, including Eddie Bauer Sport Shop guides Andrew Bennett and Lucas St. Clair, visit regularly for recreation, inspiration, and world-class fly-fishing. We’ve been announcing our American Forests conservation projects all week and today we’re highlighting the two home turf efforts we picked in the Northwest, in Oregon’s Deschutes National Forest and after the fire in the Methow.  

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Eddie Bauer Backs Global and Eastern Habitat Conservation Projects
Posted on April 17, 2015

Araripe Plateau, a small area of unique humid forest habitat in northeastern Brazil Photo: Nakinn/Wikimedia

As we build up to Earth Week, we’ve been featuring the 2015 reforestation and conservation projects backed by the Eddie Bauer partnership with American Forests, a nonprofit-and-brand alliance that has replanted more than 6.5 million trees in 150 ecosystems during the last two decades. For two areas—Back East and International—we picked six projects that tied to locations and causes connected to the eastern contingent of our guide team, the “Kaiak Brazil” connection of Ben Stookesberry and Chris Korbulic and the world travels of our adventure travel guide Trevor Frost.

Frost traveled to 21 countries in 2014 alone, but one of his most memorable trips was photographing the orangutans of Borneo, which made one conservation project a perfect fit. For the eastern projects, we are highlighting a reforestation effort in the Pennsylvania neck of the woods of Rebecca Etchen Peters, a New England project close to home for Lucas St. Clair, and a West Virginia project also backed by Trout Unlimited, an organization supported by our entire roster of Sport Shop fishing guides.

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Eddie Bauer Partners for Yuba, Shasta and Tahoe Conservation Projects
Posted on April 16, 2015

Swimming Hole on the Yuba River, CA, a forty-mile stretch that drains the west slopes of the Sierra Nevada via its three-fork tributaries. Photo: Scott Hart

Northern California is an outdoor recreation playground for several members of our guide and athlete team, including Lel Tone, Ben Stookesberry, and Chris Korbulic. So as part of the 2015 efforts of our 20-year partnership with American Forests, we picked three conservation and reforestation projects to back and highlight in zones these guides and athletes know well. Nearly every project American Forests identifies is worthy of support—but we thought these three NorCal projects carried a special resonance with our brand. Lel Tone completed an all-time Tahoe SUP expedition to the Klamath River in the Shasta-Trinity wilderness, many of our ski and snowboard guides have shredded in the Tahoe National Forest, and the Yuba is the home river for Eddie Bauer expedition kayakers Ben Stookesberry and Chris Korbulic. “I spend a lot of time on the Yuba in Cali,” Korbulic explains. “It is one of my favorite places in the world.” That fact alone verified, to us, that this effort was a worthy cause.

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Eddie Bauer Backs Midwest Forest Conservation Projects for Earth Week
Posted on April 15, 2015

Fading light in the northwoods of Superior National Forest, MN, which includes the one million-acre Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Photo: Sara Cady

American Forests and Eddie Bauer have partnered on forest conservation and restoration for more than two decades. Two of the biggest benefits of the 6.5 million-tree partnership are preserving opportunities for outdoor recreation and supporting ecosystem health. “When people use our public lands,” summarizes Jami Westerhold, senior director of forest restoration programs for American Forests, “they create a lasting bond to the land, which brings a sense of responsibility for the forests.”

All week we are announcing the 2015 projects we’ll fund with the contributions of our brand and our customers. And while few of our guides and athletes live in the Upper Midwest, many of our customers frequent the lakes, forests, streams, and ecosystems in the northern reaches of this beautiful part of the country. Outdoor recreation is deeply ingrained into people’s upbringing in this region. Three projects we’ve picked to highlight and back are focused on ecosystem health in those northern reaches, one in Wisconsin and two in Minnesota, one of which is specifically designed to benefit moose habitat. A gangly, beloved symbol of the northwoods, these great creatures are clearly in need of an assist. And who among us does not want to protect the Moose?

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Eddie Bauer Backs American Forests Conservation in the Southwest for Earth Day
Posted on April 14, 2015

Valles Caldera, NM, a protected, historic 89,000-acre ranch in the Jemez Mountains bathed in dramatic southwest light. Photo: Larry Lamsa

In anticipation of Earth Week, we are celebrating Eddie Bauer’s 20-year partnership with American Forests for the next seven days on the Live Your Adventure blog. In the past two decades, this partnership between our brand, our customers, and the longest-standing conservation nonprofit on American soil has resulted in the replanting of more than 6.5 million trees in 150 unique ecosystems. By any conservation measure, that is a lot of trees in a lot of stunning places.

For 2015, we’ve picked 18 primary American Forests reforestation and recovery projects in geographic locations that are near and dear to the hearts of our brand, as well as our team of guides and athletes. Today, we are revealing two we’ve selected in the Southwest. The first is a stunning location near the Taos, New Mexico, home of Eddie Bauer guide Dave Hahn, a famous resident of that state who guided the former governor of New Mexico up Mt. Everest. The second is a Utah expanse in close proximity to Mason Earle’s Moonlight Buttress mission, and not far from where he parks his Sprinter van in Moab, Utah, for months at a time to work on projects such as his recent Bartlett Wash climb.

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Eddie Bauer and American Forests Celebrate Twenty Years and 6.5 Million Trees of Forestry Restoration
Posted on April 13, 2015

Wildfire, both a destructive and positive force, in our natural landscape.

Next week is Earth Week. It’s an outgrowth of Earth Day, the April 22 holiday that celebrates the birth of the modern conservation movement, a cause worth celebrating for anyone who recreates in our mountains, on our waterways, and in our forests. At Eddie Bauer, it’s also our 20-year anniversary of a partnership with American Forests, a 140-year-old outfit focused on forest preservation that is the oldest nonprofit conservation organization on American soil.

During our two-decade partnership, our brand and our customers have funded the replanting of more than 6.5 million trees in 150 unique ecosystems through the American Forests Global ReLeaf initiative. Under this umbrella, we backed an urban forests initiative in ten major markets in 1999, distributed half a million seedlings to our customers in 2000, planted 9/11 memorial groves in 2002, helped launch the wildfire ReLeaf program, and introduced the bag offsetting and add a dollar, plant a tree programs.

Last year alone, the tree-planting total for the partnership was 258,399 for reforestation projects in 13 states, including the Lambert Run Reforestation in West Virginia, the Rio de las Vacas Riparian ReVegetation in New Mexico, the Mile and Mussigbrod Whitebark Pine Restorations in Montana, and the County Line Wildfire Reforestation in Florida. It’s an inspiring report card that emphasizes what a coordinated conservation effort between a brand, its customers, and a longstanding nonprofit can accomplish.

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