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Eddie Bauer Welcomes Splitboarder Liz Daley to our Guide and Athlete Team
Posted on August 6, 2014

Liz Daley on Mt. Baker

Eddie Bauer is pleased to announce the addition of hard-charging splitboarder, alpine climber, and mountain guide Liz Daley to our guide and athlete team. Born and raised in Washington, Daley launched into the backcountry on the proving ground of Mt. Baker’s Shuksan Arm, then migrated to Chamonix, where she learned to master steep, technical descents during six consecutive winters in residence.

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Ben Stookesberry Checks In from the Mighty George in the Torngat Wilderness—Part Three
Posted on August 3, 2014


One day after our last Destination Torngat update, we heard from Ben Stookesberry again—at latitude 57deg 10min—this time with an update of the team’s contact with a geological survey crew, a slow 7KB-per-second sat-uplink upload of new images and a report of their progress down the might George River in the wilderness of Labrador. For those of you who missed our first report or our audio dispatch upload, the longboat kayak trip is a two-month expedition kayaking mission deep into the Torngat Mountains of Canada’s Labrador region through a rarely visited 10,000-square-kilometer national park to the iceberg-choked waters of the Labrador Sea. It’s been an epic so far, but tracking their progress via sat uplink and DeLorme InReach has added an entire new level to armchair adventuring. Check out Ben’s update, their current GPS location and their multi-media uploads below. —LYA Editor

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Nobody’s River Film Inspires the Spirit of Adventure
Posted on August 1, 2014

A few months back we ran the story of the Eddie Bauer-outfitted Nobody’s River expedition to the Amur and Onon through Siberia and Mongolia. It was an inspiring story, written powerfully by Amber Valenti, but the recently completed film by the ladies is even better. It’s already picked up the Spirit of Adventure award at the 5Point film festival and made the rounds at Mountainfilm.

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Destination Torngat Audio Dispatches from the Labrador Wilderness—Part Two
Posted on July 30, 2014

Labrador sunset

We kicked off our blog coverage of Destination Torngat—a two-month expedition kayaking mission deep into the Torngat Mountains of Canada’s Labrador region through a rarely visited 10,000-square-kilometer national park to the iceberg-choked waters of the Labrador Sea—last week on the Live Your Adventure blog. Since then Stookesberry and crew have launched deep into the wilderness from the Shefferville train stop, paddling and portaging hundreds of mosquito-infested and black-fly-swarming miles to the George River while making record-setting progress in their longboats with the help of some tailwinds. Upon their last July 29th update via their DeLorme InReach device, they were 100 miles from the first main objective of completing the George. As we mentioned earlier, part of the excitement of this trip was tracking their progress on a specific expedition tracking page, which we’ve linked below, and the fact that they’ve compiled sat-uplink audio dispatches from the wilderness. Follow along below via Soundcloud or press the play button on each dispatch below to hear Ben’s reports from the field. —LYA Editor

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Gear Gallery: The Maximus Duffel
Posted on July 26, 2014

The Maximus in the Himalaya

With all the expeditions our guides have tackled in the past five years, one of the most critical, and overlooked, parts of the journey is hauling all the gear to some of the most remote corners of the globe. But from our early First Ascent expeditions to Aconcagua and Antarctica to our Everest West Ridge expedition in 2012, the Maximus Duffel has hauled the gear and handled a heavy load. Everest, Denali, Kilimanjaro, Carstensz Pyramid, Alpamayo, Aconcagua. Haines, Las Lenas, Revelstoke, Bariloche, Portillo, Chamonix and Iceland, on multiple occaisions. Mt. Waddington. The full Freeride World Tour and the Skier’s Cup in Switzerland. The Heroes Project missions to all seven summits and the Nobody’s River journey through Siberia and Mongolia.

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Gear Gallery: The Katabatic in Action
Posted on July 23, 2014

The Katabatic on Everest in 2012

When we say our gear is guide-built, guide-trusted what do we mean? Well, in the specific instance of the Gear-of-the-Year award winning Katabatic tent, that statement is more than just a marketing slogan. It means that the design process included nine prototypes until full guide certification, testing on six continents and more than one thousand nights on the world’s tallest peaks. From Aconcagua to the South Col on Everest where it held strong in 121-mile-an-hour winds, the Katabatic first earned its respect from our guide and athlete team for its high altitude performance.

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Destination Torngat Launches with Dispatches from the Labrador Wilderness—Part One
Posted on July 22, 2014

The Coast of Labrador

Ben Stookesberry and Chris Korbulic are currently on a two-month mission. The purpose is to travel deep into the Torngat Mountains of Canada’s Labrador region to descend the mighty Nachvak River—after ascending the mainline artery of the George—through a rarely visited 10,000-square-kilometer national park to the iceberg-choked waters of the Labrador Sea amidst a landscape of remnant glaciers, polar bears, caribou herds, native Inuit hunting grounds, and the highest peaks in Eastern Canada.

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